Camangi WebStation, 7-inch Android Internet Tablet (White)



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Great Thought, Simple Design

The Camangi WebStation is the world's first 7-inch Internet Tablet that runs Google Android bringing a new way to enjoy the Internet and your entertainment media. It supports a wide range of features including a web browser, multimedia player, digital photo frame, eBook reader and so on.

Slim and Light

At only 13.75 ounces, Camangi WebStation is less than 1/ 3 of Netbook's average weight. And at only 1/2 inch thin, you'll find it perfect in your hands. With a 7-inch wide screen with high-resolution 800x480 pixels, it offers you a comfortably sized screen to view and carry around either at home or on the go.

Your Walking Library

eBook reader is specially featured in Camangi WebStation. Through Camangi WebStation, you can read eBooks in vibrant color. Enjoy your portable library anywhere while keeping it as easy & comfortable as reading your favorite books just like before.

Bring Your Best Memories on the Move

You don't need to buy an extra digital frame that will sit idle at home. Your WebStation is an eBook or an Internet device for your commute; while the next moment, it becomes a picture frame displaying your photo collection carrying your best memories wherever you go.

Portable Entertainment Cente

With ultra-thin and simple design, you can easily carry it or relax with your favorite music while surfing the Web. The 7-inch widescreen with high-resolution display and 2 high quality speakers will be the ultimate gift for your senses.

Stay Online Anytime, Anywhere

With Wi-Fi connectivity and the advantage of high portability, it's no longer necessary to confine yourself into a small screen of a smartphone or carry a heavy notebook just to check your email and facebook while outdoor or on your couch.


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